Introducing Chloe & Isabel


I was surfing the net one day and came across this company called Chloe and Isabel. I thought to myself not another multi-level marketing brand, where only those at the top make the most money, so I kept reading about the company’s beginnings. And surprisingly, was impressed. This company is different and it actually promotes the idea of building your resume and bank account. I found this portion to be highly attractive let alone the jewelry. And I kept reading and feel in love with the concept, see Chloe and Isabel represents two best friends who are the complete opposite but have one thing in common…their love of fashion and jewelry. I more or less made this concept more personal…I was thinking about my beloved mother, Margo, who died in my arms on October 27, 2004 and the close mother/daughter relationship we had. I remember hanging out with my mother when I was a little girl growing up in Omaha, Nebraska. She was completing her double Bachelor, one in Social Sciences and the other in Journalism and Communication concentrating on Print Media and needed to take some photos for class assignment.

She packed us a picnic lunch and we headed to Fontenelle Park….bear in mind this was around the late 70’s, so if anyone is familiar with this park in Omaha, Nebraska it’s not as pretty as it once was, but the memory of those days remains the same; She take out her camera and take some beautiful shots of the lake with beautiful swans passing by or when I ran into a group of butterflies as they fluttered away toward the sun. She was beautiful Photographer and excellent Journalist…I learned a lot from her and missed those outings or went I got older going to breakfast, lunch or dinner with her and catching a movie, shopping or just sitting outside chatting.

So, this brings me back to Chloe and Isabel, sharing this opportunity to showcase a company and brand I believe in and love to wear, is my ideal of introducing to Chloe and Isabel. If you’re going to a special event soon, Prom, or just need to spruce up your fashion jewelry wardrobe…this company is for you. I’m a Merchandiser for Chloe and Isabel and our jewelry is hand-crafted and designed in-house in New York. All jewelry is hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free. Our prices are so great because we are not sold in stores, so you avoid the retail mark-ups. Our jewelry comes with a money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement policy.

I’m so excited to be able to share this exciting experience with all of you. Please come visit my online boutique @




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