I was watching the Rutgers scandal unfold and wondered how could the University President seem to have no clue; this sort of activity and behavior was happening on his campus and on his watch. I mean, sure he’s busy and all, but you should never be so busy that you have no clue of your surroundings. I really hope this opens the eyes of a lot of parents out there. Just because your child or children…whatever the case maybe, leaves the nest to spread their wings; doesn’t mean your parenting stops. I don’t give a damn how old my son get’s I will always be concerned, watch over him, be there to give him advice, to listen and ask “How are doing? Are you happy? Are they treating you well?” I don’t know it saddens me that’s all.

Okay, changing the subject ever so slightly. I want to reflect on that horrible injury Kevin Ware suffered on Easter Sunday. I personally, feel as a mother…I never wanted my son to play sports of any kind, because I feared him getting injured or something even worse. He’s only four going on five this year but still…well anyway, after the Louisville versus Duke game…something happened that changed my mind and the way I see my son playing sports.

As the tragedy unfolded, I watched how Coach Pitino responded…that day he just wasn’t a Coach, he quickly turned into a concerned father. We know how players and their coaches become very close at times. And are virtually extended families. The players cried, prayed, yelled, consoled one another…as gross as this sounds some even vomited on the sight of the injury. But what struck me was how Kevin Ware had the presence of mind to calm his brothers (teammates) with his quiet strength and laid back nature…calling on them to win the game…repeating this request 12 times and they did. They may even win the National Championship

If I know my son plays for a coach like Rick Pitino and has a brotherhood with his teammates; where they cried for each, blood, sweat and tear themselves to victory, genuinely have each others back on and off the field, right each others wrong and speak up when someone is being treated unfairly…then that’s the place for my son. I personally feel, if I as parent rear my son a certain way…I expect the college he attends to continue what I started not diminish his spirit like what I view at Rutgers. GO CARDINALS and may the good LORD continue to watch over Kevin Ware as he completes his journey to a speedy recovery; what a comeback story that will be.


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