A Visit From My Niece

Okay, so this morning my niece comes over and tells me I have something to tell you Aunt Hope.

“What’s going on?” I inquired.

“You know I have a PO BOX and I didn’t get a chance to check it until this morning. And when I did, I found this with my name on it.” She stated with concern.

She handed me a large white envelope that clearly had her name on it, but the contents inside the envelope had nothing to do with her. I read all the paperwork inside this enveloped and was shock and baffled at the same time. I didn’t really know how to respond. On the verge of responding to this shocker, my hubby to be walked into the room, who’s my niece’s uncle ( I call my niece even though, I’m engaged to her uncle).

“Hey you two what’s shaking?” He cheerfully asked.

“Uh, well…perhaps Hope will tell you. I the mean time I gotta get to work…we got a sale going on and well I need to get to work.” My niece quickly said as she exited our apartment.

“Wow, what’s her problem.” My hubby curiously inquired.

“Well Daniel, Gabrielle received some documents in the mail that have nothing to do with her; but could have a major impacted on the family, once your cousin David finds out the truth.” I stated.

“The truth about what?”

I handed the documents to him and watched his face go from curious to sheer shock and disappointment. He sat down on the couch sadden by what he was reading. He peered into my face and stated…

“How do we tell my cousin, David, he’s marriage is a lie. The live he created with this woman is a DAMN LIE! I mean…first of all, how did Gabrielle get this information…I can see it was sent in her name, but what I don’t understand is why was it addressed to her?” He inquired.

“I personally think, that David had suspicions early on about his marriage and his kids. I believe that’s why he had this painful truth sent to Gabrielle’s PO BOX, cause he knew if it was sent to his house…his wife may have altered the information and would have believed the seeds of lies she has planted.”

“Yeah, I believe your right, but damn…four children and none belong to him but they have the same father, whoever that is.” He sadly commented.

“And you know what’s worse, is that…the youngest one is 6 months. How do are we going to tell him this without destroying the world he’s come to know as his family.

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