He arrived at her hotel not knowing what to expect. He got off the elevator and followed the numbers encased on the wall plated in gold written in black. He knew something didn’t feel right and he should simply walk away; yet curious, he decided to continue.
He started to knock on the door and noticed the door ajar, placing his hand on the door, he slowly opens the door further. And this is what he feared. There she was naked, stabbed, and badly beaten, he kneeled down and felt for a pulse, while taking a closer at the victim. He realized, he knew who she was and started to tear up when he couldn’t get a pulse. He called for back-up and anxiously awaited their arrival.
First to arrive on the scene was, John Bardot, whose been a homicide detective for 25 years. His track record is stellar and often compared to that of Elliot Ness. John walked into the room and immediately hugged his old friend Thaddeus Monocco.
“How you holding Thaddeus?” John inquired.
“This is crazy John, this is crazy! She shouldn’t be here, why is she here?”
“I don’t know Thaddeus, I don’t know but when you arrived did you notice anyone leaving the room? Did you touch anything besides the door?”
“No, to both questions”
“You realize this is high profile and there will be a media frenzy surrounding this case. And somehow, someway we need to keep a low profile on this one, but I don’t how!”

To be continued, this is a work in progress and will be completed soon. I will be writing under the name Nadia Robertson, not my birth name Hope Walker. Copyright by Hope Walker (Nadia Robertson) 2014.

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