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I’m so excited to be embarking on a new journey in my life. The journey is a long time coming and began late 2014 into the early weeks of January 2015, when I noticed how ridiculously fatigued and moody I was becoming. I initially thought something deeper was wrong but my Internal Medicine Physician figured it was something different. She told me “Hope you suffer from Chronic Sinusitis and Allergies, I believe I have another option for you besides over the counter medication. This will make you feel better as you gain back your energy.” She told me she wanted me to try Homeopathic medications, now I have heard of this but wondered if it would in fact work. She reminded me, “Most are so used to the over powering medication intoxicating the body; that we forget the body can actually heal itself, if we give our bodies the chance. And Homeopathic medicines allows the body to just that.” She gave me a box to try and said “Now, if you like the natural effects of this medication that has no side effects, let me know and I’ll show you where to get this at a discounted price.” I figured, “Why not, it couldn’t hurt anything.”

Later that evening, I noticed my sinuses were in fact feeling much better. And I wonder, “Hmmmm, I already take natural medication and I eat organic foods…I need to do more.” So ultimately, I started getting into yoga and cardio workouts…and as many of you know; when you start losing weight, you need more assistance in other areas. That same week, I was talking to a client of mine and she told me about these crazy body wraps that have been working wonders for her. I thought wildly to myself “Ok, I don’t want to be told about another gimmick or something that will not work.” But she informed me “No Hope, It Really Works and you should try it.” So when I got home, I searched all over Facebook and came across those Body Wraps and man I’m glad to say it was worth it. I now have the power to completely transform by body from the inside out and can’t wait to reveal the results.

I got these wraps today in the mail and in two weeks, I will post before and after pics, you be the judge or you can try it with me, comment below if you want more information on how to obtain yours. Visit

Published by Hope Elle

Hope Elle was a full time staff writer with Some'N Unique Magazine and debuted her first article on July 17, 2016 titled "Gravity, The Backlash of An American Tradition." She has since left Some'N Unique Magazine, to focus on developing her career in Real Estate Sales, along with her Beauty and Wellness Coaching business; who is currently an Ambassador with She will use this blog page (along with multiple social media platforms) to create organic beauty, fashion and wellness lifestyle articles. During her spare time, Hope Elle loves to cook, photography, watching movies, sports, travel, writing, and spending time with close family and friends often. Hope Elle is currently writing her 1st Romantic Suspense Novel and finalizing Real Estate licensing procedures in the State of Nebraska. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska but will have second homes in Georgia and Texas.

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