Ok, I love all my local artist in Omaha, Nebraska and across the way in Council Bluffs, Iowa; but this artist I hold dear to my heart, for many reasons; some are too personal to say out loud and will forever remain unknown to the outside world. Now, his music is undeniable, uncompromising and clearly incomparable; as you listen to the track “T.A.G.L.A.Y., you can hear influences of Bone Thugs N Harmony and elements of the Gregorian Chat (often heard in the Roman Catholic Church). Prophacy’s vocal ability is so powerful and tremendous; as he often juggles a sexy falsetto similar to Nate Dogg; effectively switching to a heavy rapping melodious sound, without missing a beat. It needs to be understood this man is a triple threat; that double edge sword, which can’t be nullified. He brings depth to his music and a style completely fascinating, making him a solid artist and performer. In order to be a music sensation you must be able to do several things; three in particular, you must have a stage presence capturing the imagination of your audience. Second, somehow your music expression must be relatable in some fashion to your listeners. What I mean by this, is your lyrics, music and the sound being projected, should have a profound UNIVERSAL effect and impact on your audience. Third and Finally, you as an artist, should be approachable and promote yourself and he has graciously and methodically accomplished all three and then some. What I experienced with Prophacy, was his good hearted nature. And an artist clearly, in tuned to society, politics, religion, and his community. When I had the honor of meeting him in person, I permanently became a lifetime admirer of him and his music…He is a force to be reckon with and is well on his way to cemented fame…The Legend of Prophacy Beings Now and the Legacy will forever be etched in Stone. T.A.G.L.A.Y. is complimented with veterens in the Hip Hop genre with Chino XL, Reckless & Gravity sealed the tracks explosive brass knuckled upper cut; which leaves you punched drunk and wanting more. So there you have it and like I always say…BLAST THIS ONE, REAL LOUD. Check out more of Prophacy’s music on SoundCloud .~Hope Walker~


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