Pink Zebra 20%off

There has never been a better time to join Pink Zebra and here’s why; Pink Zebra is an exciting young direct sales company. With over 25 years of team home fragrance & décor industry experience, we are committed to bringing you unique consumable products with an opportunity to change your life and others´ lives, too.

We strongly believe in family and supporting and helping our communities across the nation. Through our HEROES program, all $500 Pink Zebra parties create support for single mothers.

The Pink Zebra brand allows you to personalize the fragrance that welcomes you home. With our Sprinkles®, you can design endless custom fragrance recipes that are “Uniquely Yours,” as we like to say. Give your décor a personal touch by layering products like Simmering Lights shades! And our career and compensation plan is unique because it allows you to earn big from selling or sponsoring.

Join us and you´ll love how we are makin´ it EZ PZ for you, in all of our ways to get you jump-started and keep you moving ahead in your business! Take advantage of the Quick Start program, quality training, awesome events, replicated website, shiny catalog and marketing materials, smooth order placing, robust back office, issue management and much more!

For our Spring / Summer 2015 season, we want to welcome you to blossom, reimagine and grow with us! Refresh with brand new Sprinkles fragrances such as Lemon Sage, Night Blooming Jasmine, Fresh Juicy Pineapple and more. We feature brand new diva fragrance recipes, but don’t forget to share your recipes with us on Facebook! Jump into some of the latest home decor trends, especially with our Simmering Lights® – this season you´ll see trend-right home fashions and a focus on both the tried and true strength of American vintage and the beauty and exoticism of the oceanic vibe.

We invite you to join our fun family as we are offering a 20% discount on our start-up kits. Please ask a Pink Zebra Consultant (Hope Walker), “What is your WHY?,” and you will hear so an inspiring answer. Become a part of Pink Zebra and change your life and the lives of others in your community, today @

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