I’ve read many stories on this topic and have many friends who have varying opinions on this, as well. But, as I look back on my life, I must say, in many cases I found it easier to reveal more about myself with men than women. As I discovered this part about myself, I started wonder to why that was? I mean, my late mother, Margo Louise Walker and I were really close, I could talk to my mother about anything and I do mean anything. For example, I really had a serious crush on a guy from work and told my mother about him, trust me when I tell you she wanted to get a closer look. At the time, I was working as a waitress for Perkins Family Restaurant and my mother came in as a customer to have breakfast. Of coarse, I was her server and she more than delighted in setting back enjoying, any and all things that would unfold that morning.

As he emerged from the back office into the front of the restaurant, my mother’s eyes quickly met his, he walks to her table uttering the words “Let me guess, your Hope’s mother?” My mother smiled and replied “Yes, I’m guilty in the first degree and you are?” He put his hand out to shake hers stating “Hi my name is Pierce, I’m one of the line cooks in the back, nice to meet you Ms. Walker. I see where Hope gets her good looks.” My mom, being totally amused at this point, glanced in my direction and I knew what she was thinking “This young man is good or he knows you like him and he’s trying to score points with me.”  Pierce, being a dear and close friend, I could always reveal many secrets (some of them pretty dark) to him and it never got back to me. On the other hand, I would tell so-called close female friends information in confidence and would get tons of phone calls later about the subject or how I offended someone. And I wonder “ Why would Cheryl go back and tell Unique what I said about Deborah?” It was at this point, I needed to dig deeper to access why men seem to keep secrets better than women; and do they make better friends than women.

I decided to call my close friend Pierce and buddies to test the waters. So we meet at Old Chicago to have pizza and beer, while discussing the issue that lied before us. Pierce immediately uttered his harsh opinion regarding Cheryl’s lapse in judgment ” I don’t believe you did anything wrong. As a matter of fact, she was completely wrong all the way around and it appears that she exaggerated most of what you said. ” I responded ” Yeah, I totally didn’t see that bull**** coming, but it’s alright, who care, moving on. ” Our food arrive and we continued to have a conversation about love, sex and relationships, where all of us revealed sexual fantasies of a graphic nature; interestingly enough, Pierce became emotional about the love of his life Brenda, who would choose his close athletic friend (Lake Kelley) over him “Man, you talk about betrayal, but it’s cool and I don’t dwell on it anymore.” I had to ask him  ” What got you through it?”  I was completely caught off guard by his reply  “Talking about the pain helped tremendously and that’s where you come in Hope. I was down and out, depressed and s**t, but you open my eyes and renewed my faith in women. You really did Hope, seriously and I greatly appreciate it.” He walked over and hugged me tightly and it was then, I knew I really had a true friend for life. However, by nights end, a series of events would make me questions; if a woman still needs Lady friends after one betrayal.

******** TO BE CONTINUED*******

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