He reminded me of a child with those beautiful big brown eyes. I could smell his natural testosterone driven pheromones a miles distance in the air. As he swiftly approached where I was sitting he turned his head in my direction and our eyes met and locked in and for a second I knew this person that I didn’t know. Slowly my eyes drew imaginary ribbons across the chisel of his pectorial and deltoid muscles and back up again to his goatee, lips, cheek bones and eyes and almost effortlessly he floated over to my table, placed his hand on the edge, leaned in to me wearing nothing but those big brown eyes and asked me “Are these skincare products made by you?” And I said just as serious if not more “why…. yes, yes these skincare products are made…by…by me!” And then he smiled and walked off into the night mysteriously…. leaving behind my curiosities and his pheromone for all the market to swither upon……
the end. ~Lori Angel Price~
‪#‎Derm‬ Appetit short Stories

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Lori Angel Price

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