Ok, so me an my close friend went to the local movie theater, Marcus Theater to be exact, to see the highly anticipated San Andreas. Anywho, I noticed my friend was reaching for something out of her bag and inquired “Girl, what are you doing? You’re gonna get us kicked out of here!” She smiled and pulled out two bags of gourmet popcorn replying “Please, nothing will happen, I’ve been doing this for years and have no plans of stopping. Here’s your bag, it’s Cheddar your favorite.” At this point, I was starting to forgive her and forget about what just transpired. Then I placed 3 kernels in my mouth and thought I went to heaven commenting out loud “This is really good popcorn Brianna, where you buy this?” She gave me her infamous Chesire cat smile commenting “I got it from Main Street, Main Street Gourmet Popcorn!”

Main Street Gourmet Popcorn, I thought wildly, never heard of it. “Main Street, what part of Omaha are they located?” She leaned in and whispered, you have to order it online and/or become a Consultant, trust me it’s a win win opportunity.”  I continued watching the movie, which was ok by the way, and when I got home did more research on this opportunity Brianna spoke of. I must say, it’s a pretty good deal with 25% commission, free to sign up, free website, no quotas, no start-up kits to purchase, no auto ships….besides the popcorn being absolutely delicious, they have so many different flavors and they have cotton candy. This is so awesome and I love it to pieces. Take advantage it’s free…sign up now!
MainStreet Gourment Popcorn
MainStreet Gourmet Popcorn II

Published by Hope Elle

Hope Elle was a full time staff writer with Some'N Unique Magazine and debuted her first article on July 17, 2016 titled "Gravity, The Backlash of An American Tradition." She has since left Some'N Unique Magazine, to focus on developing her career in Real Estate Sales, along with her Beauty and Wellness Coaching business; who is currently an Ambassador with She will use this blog page (along with multiple social media platforms) to create organic beauty, fashion and wellness lifestyle articles. During her spare time, Hope Elle loves to cook, photography, watching movies, sports, travel, writing, and spending time with close family and friends often. Hope Elle is currently writing her 1st Romantic Suspense Novel and finalizing Real Estate licensing procedures in the State of Nebraska. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska but will have second homes in Georgia and Texas.

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