Red DIANA quilted leather ballet flatPluggz womens ballet flats in blackPluggz womens ballet flats in grey Made of supple full grain quilted flannel with patent toe caps and skid resistant rubber soles embedded with pluggz grounding technology. Features include contoured memory foam arches and padded heels, moisture wicking,

Pluggz Ballet Flats are unique, stylish grounding shoes for women: Classically feminine, sharp styling, and a little bit sexy too. Our Ballet Flats come in supple, full-grain leather and distinctive woven fabrics. It’s a shoe with a lot of versatility for professional wear or just kicking around town. A subtly sexy cut and stylish cap toe with matching trim deliver fashionable “pop” in metallic glints and textural weaves. Pluggz Ballet Flats are handmade and crafted with our proprietary pluggz grounding technology™ inside which connects you to the natural grounding benefits of the earth. Features boast comfy, slip-resistant rubber soles, arches and heels padded with memory foam, moisture wicking, anti-microbial lining – and our springy trampoline heel™ for extra support, stability and comfort. Get your energy from the ground up in full and half sizes 6-10 and size 11, with new expanded sizing in select styles.

Pluggz Mens Drivers in black suedePluggz Mens Drivers in brown suede

NEW for men: Pluggz casual, comfy ZEUS Suede Drivers in “go-to” black or rich, earthy brown. Look good, feel good while grounding yourself with our new men’s earthing shoes in a soft, comfy suede with decorative stitching. These hand-constructed grounding shoes feature pluggz newest technology for earthing and grounding benefits, which enables the flow of the earth’s energy into your body. The six conductive treads on the outer sole are made of a proprietarily formulated carbon and rubber compound which enables the flow of the earth’s natural energy into the body. The moisture wicking, anti-microbial insoles inside the shoe are cemented into the shoe with conductive glue and work with the strategically placed silver plated conductive stitching which is produced in a pattern that allows the foot to remain grounded throughout the entire time the foot is directly on the ground. Cushy memory foam insole provides additional comfort. Get your energy from the ground up in Men’s full and half sizes 8-12 and size 13.

Remember all of these Pluggz come in different styles and many colors to choose from: And this makes the perfect Father’s Day Gift, he’ll continuously enjoy!

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