A Pondering on Women….

I wonder why it is that,

Some women work so hard to be chased

That they forget to flirt

With the idea of being caught and embraced.

I wonder why it is that,

There is such a need to fight against male reliance

That the lines become blurred

Between independence and defiance.

I dare say, I see a need

A need to realise it’s ok to be homely.

Because it’s easier than realising

You’re not independent, you’re lonely,

Before moving on to

Blame men for the choices you made

And handing an IOU to all men

That you feel has never been paid.

There are some women

Who will drop the cliché, “I’m different”.

So far removed

From other women. Just different!

But, in those ‘different’ eyes,

All men fall under the same umbrella,

Meaning that there’s no room for you

When life decides it’s time for stormy weather.

And another thing

Music and Hollywood don’t portray men.

They portray ideas that make money,

Money that makes them.

So men wonder why

There is love for R. Kelly while he pees on young girls

But divorce is an option

Because he sometimes fails to comment on curls.

Ladies, men aren’t perfect

And real men are always rough around the edges

But we shouldn’t have to storm

A beach in Normandy just to make our pledges

Because, eventually,

The chase stops and all that is left to see

Is a lonely, defiant rock,

Being eaten by life’s cold sea.

~Darren “His-Story” Robinson~

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