Personal Trainer Exam/OCR Kickstart

ATTENTION: Here’s a personal request from Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger HopeElle.

Please take the time to read this important message below from a man who is dear to my heart, Darren “HIs-Story” Robinson. And if you’re able to, please contribute, it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance, consideration, and contribution.




Having taken time to give my future much thought, I have prayed, fasted and sought advice and am now reaching out to family, friends, acquaintances and anyone else who feels moved to help, as I transition into my future.
I’ve never been one to leach (Which makes this somewhat of a humbling experience). I’m a big believer in aiding a man to fish so he can feed himself. So, the support I’m asking for isn’t going towards my final destination directly but, rather, towards two systems that will help me get through school. My time going through school will be extensive, as I want to gain a degree in Theology, in order to become a legitimate Bible Teacher AND gain my education to become an Athletic Trainer. A costly affair!

PERSONAL TRAINER EXAM – I’m taking this through the American Council of Exercise. It costs just shy of $400. This will be my doorway to extra income (I have been offered a position in RetroFitness on completion) and, also, the beginning of a journey to eventually work for myself in the long term, as an Athletic Trainer.

OBSTACLE COURSE RACER – This has become something I wish to take seriously. It will undoubtedly collaborate well with my primary system of Personal Training (Ability to network and grow) and good performances will also make this an added income (Prize Money and Endorsements).
Support towards this system will enable me to purchase an Unlimited Entry to Spartan Races. This costs $549. Anything extra will go towards the unseen costs that an athlete, who isn’t sponsored, faces. Travel, accommodation, nutrition, training clothing, entry to training facilities and a whole lot more.
I’m very confident in this transition and have my first Spartan Race in Barre, Massachusetts, on Saturday 20th June 2015 (My 35th birthday, by the way!). I have also been blessed with an entry to the Rugged Maniac, in New York, the following weekend. Both performances will be accessible online at and

To all who can give, I can’t express my appreciation in words and to those who are unable, I still love you all the same.

God Bless.


Published by Hope Elle

Hope Elle was a full time staff writer with Some'N Unique Magazine and debuted her first article on July 17, 2016 titled "Gravity, The Backlash of An American Tradition." She has since left Some'N Unique Magazine, to focus on developing her career in Real Estate Sales, along with her Beauty and Wellness Coaching business; who is currently an Ambassador with She will use this blog page (along with multiple social media platforms) to create organic beauty, fashion and wellness lifestyle articles. During her spare time, Hope Elle loves to cook, photography, watching movies, sports, travel, writing, and spending time with close family and friends often. Hope Elle is currently writing her 1st Romantic Suspense Novel and finalizing Real Estate licensing procedures in the State of Nebraska. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska but will have second homes in Georgia and Texas.

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