OK, I was informed about this app by my best friend, who bragged about finding personal buys for less; than at the stores themselves. I figured she was full of it and there was no way this could even true. But she invited me to test drive it, so I did and I’ll tell you what, she was right. I was looking for a beautiful coach bag Peyton Gold Leather Mini Handbag and I found it on here. I absolutely couldn’t believe it, but I found it and couldn’t be happier. Then I noticed, this is also a social network like Twitter and Facebook, but different in that it’s more laidback and free of drama (Like I see a lot on Facebook). I also found there is a business side to this, if anyone is interested in that aspect please visit https://www.igrownet.com/HopeElle to explore that opportunity. Now if you just want to sign up and start using this app right now go to https://lifeonit.com/?invite=157374 Let me make this clear, this app is free to sign up just like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…this app is free and is available right now. So, sign up, shop and socialized…I guarantee you will not regret this move, it’s FREE TO JOIN, go join NOW!
~Hope Elle~

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