MrChronic Black’s Black Heart Death To All!


“I HATE YOU!” he screams to himself in the mirror. All his life people constantly made fun of him. To this day, Dre feels bad that he’s constantly being teased, led to his mothers suicide. He got teased so much that it got to a point that his mother couldn’t deal with it anymore. The straw that broke the camels back happened when Dre was 12. Dre had a bully named Hakim. Hakim was the meanest kid in Prince Hall Elementary. Teachers were careful in how they dealt with Hakim. For a 12 year old, Hakim had the strength of a grown man. His parents didn’t know what to do with their oldest child. Hakim lacked serious discipline. Ever since the start of the school year, Hakim had Dre in his sights.

Wanna Read More Click Below. I strongly recommend this Novel, excellent work. ~Hope Elle~


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