Sanctuary Transformation

How To Totally Transform Your Home In 4 Weeks

You’re probably going to try sober January at least through the end of this week, so we suggest making good use of your newfound downtime by going home each night, dumping your clothing in a pile in the middle of your living room and pulling out the items that bring you joy, KonMari-style, while binge-watching TV. To avoid getting overwhelmed, sort by category—start with dresses and work your way down to socks—and strive to do one to two per night. If you need a refresher on how to fold the clothing you decide to keep, watch this. Then, over the weekend, donate or sell your discards. (Note: It’s important you do this immediately, or the bags will sit in your car for the rest of 2017.)

What to watch: If you haven’t yet seen Search Party (TBS, Amazon), we promise it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat through tasks that otherwise feel laborious. You’ll also want to catch season premieres of Nashville, It’s Always Sunny and newbie sitcom The Mick. Plus, the Golden Globes air Sunday, so you’ll have plenty of material to get you all the way through your college T-shirt collection and beyond.


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