Chloe & Isabel Top Sellers

Chloe & Isabel Top Sellers by hope-elle featuring a wrap bracelet Braided Chloé Chloé collar Chloé pendant Chloé wrap Hair accessory$70 – Watercolour Fashion Illustration 13″x16″ print – by hope-elle featuring an aquamarine necklace Chloé aquamarine Chloé aquamarine drop Chloé leather wrap Chloe + Isabel New Summer 2013 Retro Riviera Chloe + Isabel New Summer 2013 Retro Riviera Chloe + Isabel New Summer 2013 Retro Riviera Sia Orchid phalaenopsis$16 –


SPRING, A SIGN OF NEW BEGINNINGS by hope-elle featuring a layered dress Marios Schwab layered dress$1,975 – Coldwater Creek long sun Trish Chloe + Isabel New Summer 2013 Retro Riviera by hope-elle featuring handcrafted jewelry Chloé Chloé coral Cuff Handcrafted Chloé Chloé stud Chloe + Isabel New Summer 2013 Retro Riviera Body cleanser$8.98 –


HEAVY METAL CONCERT ATTENDEE! by hope-elle featuring jersey shirts Coast jersey shirt$83 – River Island long vest$57 – Jerome C. Rousseau peep toe high Sephora by hope-elle featuring vintage jewelry Chloé bracelet Chloé drop Chloé stone Chloé Chloé vintage Coral Rock, Leaf & Grass Wall Decal by Coral Stem –


A TASTE FOR CHOCOLATE by hope-elle featuring a metal bracelet Halston slip dress$1,435 – B Brian Atwood heel Chloé metal Our Best Chocolate Chip Harrods London Icon Chocolate Biscuits (600g)$29 – by hope-elle featuring a chloé Chloé aquamarine Chloé Chloé Chloé drop Chloé leather Chloé


AN EVENING TASTING WINE by hope-elle featuring gold jewelry Valentino strapless long Missoni gold Tory Reeds Jewelers aventurine Chloé gold Chloé feather Wrap Accessorize flower hair

June Wedding Approaching? Get Ready, Here’s Some Ideas!

June Wedding Approaching? Get Ready, Here’s Some Ideas! by hope-elle featuring deco jewelry Chloé deco Fantasy Jewelry Box wedding band engagement Crystal stud Artificial Trees, Artificial Palm Trees, Artificial Plants, Faux…

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