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Tis the season of parties! Deciding what to wear during the holiday is no easy task. Whatever your traditions, it’s always nice to look and feel your best for the occasion. We’ve got some great new styles for the holidays and new years eve!

Mademoiselle Lace Dress, Sapphire Blue (Women’s Plus Size) – Flatter your curves in our Mademoiselle Lace Dress. From cocktail parties to formal or evening events, this special occasion lace dress will have all eyes on you.

Bianca Ruched Dress, Plum (Women’s Plus Size) – It is always nice to pick a stand-out outfit to mark the occasion. You’re sure to receive compliments as the Bianca Ruched Dress hugs your every curve. With a subtly sexy peek-a-boo neckline and draped cold shoulder sleeves.

Whimsy Wrap Dress, Pinot Noir (Women’s Plus Size) – For those holiday themed parties try the Whimsy Wrap dress in pinot noir. It’s flirty, flattering, and functional!

Kiss Me At Midnight Skirt, Moonbeam (Women’s Plus Size) – Our metallic Kiss Me At Midnight Skirt will make a fashion statement, wherever you go. This eye-catching midi-length skirt can be worn day or night. Pair it with some booties and a tank for daytime and some heels and a blouse for date night.

Lumiere Lace Dress, Silver Lining (Women’s Plus Size) – Illuminate your wardrobe in our Lumiere Lace Dress. Scalloped metallic lace flatters your curves, while a solid ruched waistband draws the eye inward. You’ll be sure to turn heads at your next special occasion in this stunning sheath style.

Happy Holidays!

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Hey Sexy Readers,

It’s Hope Elle here and If you know me well, you know I’m a lover of books of all genres. I particularly love reading Suspense and Thrillers. This Novella by Chronic Black has me feeling some kind of kinky way. His work is beautiful and flawlessly written, the characters are real where you can related to them or you know someone like them. I’ll let you read an excerpt from my dear friend, Chronic Black, born, reared and still a resident of Philly, PA. This book is available now on Amazon.com and without further ado, here’s Porn Scene by Chronic Black. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017FCM0AS/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_Uj9nwb1BV76A0

Chapter 1

Mia was worn out as she stretches out on her queen size bed. She was feeling the affects from her job. She loved her job. She loved the money she made. But she was starting to feel like she needed a break. A trip back to normalcy. As natural as her job was to her and to many others in general life. It was a world filled with lighting equipment. Mia was a beautiful 5’7″ 155lb jet ebony beauty. She wore her hair in a Afro like the R&B singer Angie Stone. The hair was a signature for her in her work. Her body figure attracted all kinds of men. She had a nice medium size ass with her perfect 44D’s . It was her beauty that made her one of the top adult movie stars in the porn industry. She had only been in the business for a year. She was introduced to the porn game by her oversexed sister.

Tamika was the older of the two. But they looked like twins. Same weight and height; and most importantly sex drive! Tamika had a larger butt. But Mia had natural 44D’s, which are assets in their line of work. Tamika was turning 23 today. Mia had plans to do something with her sister on her special day. But first she needed to rest. Her pussy was worn out from a gang bang scene she was in earlier. She didn’t like gang bang scenes but the money was too good to turn down.

Mia knew it was more with her life she could be doing at 20 than spreading her legs and guzzling cum on camera. But she enjoyed the lifestyle that porn afforded her. It felt just like yesterday when Tamika kept begging her to get in the industry. Mia and Tamika came from a stable home. They weren’t molested. Their parents weren’t dope fiends. They had a normal life. Their dad is a pastor at New Covenant Church in Philadelphia. Their mom was your typical Housewife. But being the daughters to a pastor sometimes birthed curiosity to things that were not of faith.. They were shielded from a lot of things growing up. Anything that didn’t have to do with God was a sin in their parents eyes.

Their dad was very strict. He didn’t allow boys to come over. He didn’t let them go to parties unless it was a church function. And he required that both of his girls maintain at least an A average. Mia and Tamika didn’t start coming out of their shell until Tamika’s junior year in high school. That’s when the sneaking out the house started. Their dad was so busy with church that he couldn’t keep up with what was going on in his daughters lives. He thought that they were trained. Their mom started getting more involved in church activities. She led a woman’s prayer group. She was the head usher. And she started directing the church choir.

With so much time away from home the girls figured this was their time to live life. If their parents were home; it wasn’t nothing for them to sneak out the house. Their parents would be so tired that it made it easy to sneak out the house on many a night. The girls bodies were developed at an early age. Boys were attracted to them like magnets. Every boy wanted to holla because the word on the street was daddy had them on lock. No boys could get close to his daughters. But once mom and dad started spending the majority of the time away from home. The girls went buck wild.

Mia wasn’t as wild as Tamika. But it never stopped her from getting what she wanted from boys. Mia loved sex but Tamika was obsessed with sex. She was doing orgies and having trains ran on her constantly. Mia was always the one on one type. She didn’t even want to do porn. She only moved out to California so she could support her sisters goal of making it big in the sex industry. Truth be told. She only got in the industry because she was having a hard time finding work. Tamika would always tell her. “You gotta make your own opportunities out here. Ain’t nobody gonna give you shit in this world.” Tamika would say to Mia.

She was right. Mia couldn’t see herself being a waitress for the rest of her life. Half the casting couches out here were lined up with perverts pretending to be big movie heavyweights. It didn’t take long for Tamika to convince her to give porn a shot. She always wondered what it would be like to do porn. She had to admit she loved it. Getting fucked and getting paid for it. She couldn’t ask for more. She rather get her money that way. She didn’t wanna be like a lot of these club ho’s looking for a come up. Niggas knew if they wanted to fuck they would have to pay big time. She was too well known in the industry to be caught up fucking some no name nigga.

On the other hand. Tamika didn’t care. If you were cute and had the money; then the pussy could be yours. Mia begins to feel a little drowsy. She grabs the remote next to her on the bed. She points to the stereo and presses play. The smooth sounds of Stevie Wonders “These three words.” soothed her to sleep. Rest was what she needed. She felt relaxed as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

Tamika’s phone was ringing off the hook. She looks at the caller id and sees that it’s Mia calling. “What’s up sis?” Tamika says into the phone. “Bitch don’t what’s up me. What’s up with you? I been calling you for the past half hour.” Mia shouts into the phone. “My bad sis. I been screening my calls. This nigga Lamar keeps blowing my shit up. I wish he would get the hint that I’m not trying to see him like that.” Tamika says. Mia ignores her sisters last comment. “Bitch I’m at your door.” Mia tells her. “Well shit, why didn’t you just use your key?” Tamika tells her as she slides her pink house shoes on her feet.

“Because I left them at my house and I didn’t feel like taking the drive back to get them. Just open your door.” Mia tells her like she’s giving her older sister a order. She then disconnects the call. Tamika adjust her bath towel as she heads downstairs to let her sister in. Tamika opens her door and steps to the side letting Mia walk in. Mia walks in shaking her head at Tamika.”Bitch you ain’t dressed yet? I told you two hours ago to be ready. I swear your gonna be late for your own funeral.” Mia says shaking her head as she walks into the plush living room.

Tamika lived in a condo overlooking Burbank. It was a spacious two bedroom condo. Her walls were white with different paintings of erotic art on the wall. It gave the living room a certain kind of brightness. It felt almost heavenly when you sat in there. She had a black leather living room set. The ceiling fan was on low as it blew a cool breeze in the living room. Mia plops down on Tamika’s black leather couch propping her feet up on the glass table. “Now bitch you know better. If you don’t get your crusty feet off my $2500 glass table. Me and you gonna have a problem.” Tamika tells her sister. Mia sucked her teeth at her as she took her feet off the table.

“What’s up with Lamar? Why you keep ducking him?” Tamika didn’t bother to respond. “I don’t see why you wont give him a chance. He’s got a great career. He’s cool with what you do for a living. And the nigga is paid?” Mia says as she reaches in her purse looking for her blunt wrap. Tamika walks past Mia heading towards the kitchen. “The nigga is too clingy. A bitch gotta breathe. I’m not trying to be tied down in no relationship.” Tamika yells out from the kitchen. “I mean don’t get me wrong. He can put it down like a champ in the bedroom. Now that I think about it. I need to put this nigga in porn.” Tamika says laughing to herself as she comes back in the living room with a tiny waste bucket for Mia to dump the ashes in. She sits down next to Mia on the couch still dripping water from her shower.

“Besides he’s one of those guys that wants the whole wife and 2.5 kids with the dog and white picket fence. Can you picture me at parent teacher meetings?” Tamika ask as she leans back on her couch with a smirk on her face. Mia just shakes her head at her sister. She felt like Tamika needed to get her act together. “He’s better than the bums you go out with.” Mia replies. “I doubt that.” Tamika responds as she flags off her sisters comment. “OK your gonna miss out on something good. You’re not gonna have that killer body forever.” Mia tries to explain to her.

Tamika was starting to get annoyed by her sisters detective style of interrogation .”Did you come over here to play matchmaker or are you here so we can go party?” Tamika ask her. “OK I won’t say no more about it. But do you wanna hurry up so we can go?” Tamika flags her sister off as she gets up to go upstairs. “Well can you finish rolling up? Don’t take all day rolling that weed up.” Tamika tells her. Seconds later Tamika’s phone starts ringing again. Mia looks at her sisters phone on the glass table. She sees Lamar’s number pop up on the screen.

“It’s lover boy.” she says laughing at her sister. “You see. That’s the shit I’m talking about. That’s about the thirtieth time today this nigga has called me.” Tamika shakes her head and heads upstairs. “Don’t miss out on your blessings.” Mia says yelling up the stairs. Lamar was a good dude that had a major crush on Tamika. He owned his own chain of restaurants in the downtown L A area. He fell in love the moment he laid eyes on her. He didn’t know what she did for a living right away. They had been going out for three months before she finally told him exactly what she did for a living. Tamika didn’t really care how he took the news. He was either gonna get on the band with it. Or he could keep it moving..

But it seemed like the minute he found out what she did. It felt like he became a stalker. Lamar was determined to make an honest woman out of her. Lamar was 33 years old. He was 6’2″ around 230lbs. He sported a shiny baldy that complemented his dark brown complexion. Tamika always said he was sprung on her pussy. She always gave him that good porn star sex. But she had to admit his fuck game was on point. But not good enough to wife her down. Tamika could never see herself settling down with one man. She loved her parents but she didn’t want the life they had. She loved her life and she loved what she did for a living.

It was about a hour later when Tamika had finally came back downstairs. She shakes Mia who had fell asleep on the couch. “Bitch wake up.” Tamika says still shoving her sister. Mia looks up and sees her sister standing their with her hand on her hips. “It’s about fucking time.” Mia says as she wipes her eyes. Mia looks her sisters outfit up and down. “Damn bitch can your skirt be any shorter?” Mia ask her. “Bitch grab the weed and let’s be out.” Tamika replies as she heads toward the door. Mia gets up and follows her sister out the door. It was party time.

~Chronic Black, Author~

Porn Scene

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Please Allow Myself, To Introduce VERBAL GUMBO!

Straight Outta of Omaha, Nebraska; The Finest Underground Radio Show Hosted By Felicia Webster and Michelle Troxclair. Join them tonight at 9pm cst and get your fix of GUMBO. Intelligent Conversation For The Soul ~Hope Elle!

1690am http://www.mediakingboss.comVerbalGumbo

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I just opened a social fashion store with the coolest boutique brands! It’s stocked with the latest fashion, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and so much more! I’m inviting you to check it out by gifting you a $70 gift card to use toward your first purchase.

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Free 4-Piece September Birthstone Welcome Box for New Maven Subscribers!

Hey September Birthday Divas!

Julep has a 4-piece Birthstone Beauty Box just for you featuring September’s new sapphire polish! Julep is offering a Welcome Box curated especially for you featuring a polish trio inspired by the September birthstone Sapphire and a fan favorite Gel Eye Glider as well. This stunning assortment valued at $58 can be yours free when you become a Julep Maven – you just pay $2.99 shipping.
September Birthstone Welcome Box
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•Julep Maven is the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don’t like. You can see what is in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already have or don’t want.
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You are going to LOVE being a Maven!

Hope Elle

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Cheek to Chic: Julep’s NEW Skip The Brush Crème-to-Powder Blush Stick

Hey Diva Beauties;

I almost forget this!

Skip the Brush Cheek Stick
Julep recently launched their new ‘Skip the Brush ’ Cheek Sticks that go on oh-so-easy and give you color that lasts all day long. Are you ready for the easiest highlighting and contouring you’ve ever done? Yeah, me too. Get the look in three easy steps:
1. Dot, don’t swipe

2. Gently pat & blend upwards until the powder is just right

3. Add a little extra! All four shades add pizzazz to eyelids or lips

For more tips and tricks, check out the Julep blog post about the sticks here: http://www.julep.com/blog/skip-the-brush/

LIMITED TIME – save 15% on your purchase with code 15PRETTY. Save 15% at Julep.com with code PRETTY15 now!


Have A Great Labor Day Weekend,

Hope Elle

Skip the Brush Cheek Stick

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HOT DEAL! $98 of Julep Beauty Essentials for Only $24!

Good Evening Sexy Diva!

It’s been a minute since we last spoke, but I’ve been researching some of the hottest flavors in Beauty and Fashion. And I must say, I really got a Hot FiYa deal for you with Julep. Labor Day weekend starts now with this Sweet Steal from Julep! For four days only, the Season Shifter gift set with $98 of products will be on sale for just $24! Are you kidding me, this is the best set sale price ever! The set includes four products that will prep your skin for a flawless fall.

The Season Shifter makes the perfect gift for someone going back to campus or for anyone who needs a fresh start for their fall season. The gift set includes Night Shift Sleeping Mask, Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat, Essential Cuticle Oil and Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer.

Take advantage of this amazing offer today! Just like all of the Julep Sweet Steals, supplies are limited and when they are gone, they are gone.

Details: While supplies last. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional codes or offers. All Sweet Steals are final sale, absolutely no exchanges or returns. Taxes vary by location.

Have a great week,

Hope Elle

Season Shifter Sweet Steal